Monday, 19 October 2015

Meet Our Authors - Donna Alward

Continuing our Meet Our Authors series, today we have bestselling, award winning author Donna Alward. Her latest release is an anthology called Not My 1st Rodeo. Here are some things she had to tell us.

1. Are you a reader? How many books a year do you read?

Of course I’m a reader! I read around 50 books a year. Mostly romance, some non-fic, some in other genres or general fiction.

2. What is your favorite genre to read? To write?

My favorite genre to write is contemporary romance, but my reading taste is firmly in the regency romance camp. I LOVE a good regency romp!

3. If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be and what would say to them?

LaVyrle Spencer and I would say thank you – for the hours and hours of enjoyment. And also for inspiring me to want to write big, heartwarming romance novels.

4. If you were stranded on a desert island, what three items would you take with you?

My keeper shelf, a water purification system, and a box of sunscreen because I burn easily.

5. Paper or Plastic? (book or eReader)

Paper. I read about a 70/30 split paper to digital.

6. Plotter or Pantster?


7. What advice would you give someone who wanted to be a writer?

Write, write, and write some more. And realize that it might take several books for your work to be publishable. Don’t rush.

8. What are you reading now?

I’m just starting in on the Christmas books on my TBR. I don’t always get to them all and I can’t read holiday stories after Christmas, lol. So they get saved for the next year.

9. What inspires you?

Peace. Calm. Quiet. Seriously, when I have calm and quiet I can let down my mental guards and let in all the great stuff – and really immerse myself in the story.

10. What is your writing schedule like?

Fairly regular. It has to be. I have teenagers and I am also a freelance editor, so I have to be pretty structured. I try to hit word count every day, and then move on to the next items on the priority list.

11. What is your writing space like?

I have a lovely office. Four windows look over the yard, I have a bookcase on one side, and a futon for curling up and reading or working on paper edits. My husband has a desk and PC in there too, and other than my desk I guess there’s just my cherry filing cabinet. It’s great to have my own space. In my last house I had a 7x7 space and I shared it with kids’ toys, a fish tank, and a piano.

12. What motivates you to write?


13. When did you start writing?

Officially in October of 2001. I’ve always been a writer but I didn’t start really writing until that year. I sold in 2006.

14. Who are your favorite authors?

Tough question! LaVyrle Spencer, Judith McNaught, Mary Balogh, Robyn Carr, Lily Everett, Deanna Raybourn. And a host of others.

15. Who inspires you?

My writing buddies. Several of us have belonged to the same “loop” for years. We ALL have gone through some tough stuff, but we still write. We cheer each other on, and are just there for each other. When we get to hang out in person, which is rare, it’s really special.

16. Why did you write this particular story, Not My 1st Rodeo?

I was in Texas at the annual RWA conference, and two RWAC chaptermates (Debbie and Linda) told this silly story about some fertilizer reps which got us on the topic of dating sites…and my co-writers for the series and I just thought it was hysterical. We came home and instantly started writing it.

17. Do you re-read books? If so, what book have you read the most?

Morning Glory by LaVyrle Spencer. It might be a tie between that title and Years.

18. What is the closest book to you right now?

Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing. A grammar book…wow. LOL.

19. What book are you working on / promoting right now?

Not My 1st Rodeo – Samhain has it on sale until the 31st! It’s a real bargain for 3 novellas in one volume.

20. Tell us about that book, what inspired it? What does the title mean? What it’s about etc…?

As I mentioned, the story was inspired at RWA in San Antonio. I have to admit, some of the silly inspiration came from the dating site Farmer’s – a dating site for farmers. Seriously, go do a search for it on youtube and watch some of the ads, lol. We decided that we should have a dating site for cowboys and ranchers who’d been married before and survived to tell the tale. In other words, this isn’t their first rodeo. Then we just ran with it. Each story is very different. My hero’s set up by his sister, and he’s not too happy about it. J

21. Please share any links you’d like to with us.

My website where all my books are listed is

Thanks for giving us the scoop, Donna! We look forward to following your writing career!