Wednesday, 20 August 2014


When I write my books, there’s generally a lot of food in it. Characters cook. Characters eat. Characters get together with families for meals. I don’t know if it’s life imitating art or art imitating life, but after this past weekend there’s not much wonder that I get inspired to include cooking – and eating – in my writing.

We’re just back from a weekend at my mother-in-law’s. She and her partner go out for breakfast most days, so we did eat out both Sunday and Monday mornings. On Sunday we were all STARVING and we were going on very little sleep, so we all ate hearty. As in…eggs and breakfast meats and homemade pan fries and toast with a good thick layer of jam. And coffee. Lots of coffee.

Because we had “brunch”, we pretty much only ate 2 meals on both days. On Sunday night, we had homemade baked beans and her brown bread rolls which were soooo good. As usual. And my husband had also barbecued some hamburgers. As you can tell, Sunday was “starch and meat day” but oh my, it was delicious.

Did I mention dessert on Sunday? There were two choices. Gingerbread and whipped cream or Rhubarb Cobbler. Or, naturally, a bit of each. And the cobbler was out of this world. I forgot to get the recipe, but I’m gonna have it. I think the secret was a little lemon zest in the batter…

Monday’s dinner was a bit more colourful. We had roast chicken, hodge podge and fresh corn. I’m assuming that those from this neck of the woods know what hodge podge is, but for other readers I’ll explain: Hodge Podge is made in the summer time, with fresh vegetables, and it’s beans, peas, and potatoes cooked together and then you add butter, salt and pepper and cream to it. Some people add fresh carrots to it as well, and we did as we’d stopped at our Uncle’s veggie stand that morning and bought a few bunches. And since Thursday is my mom-in-law’s birthday, we had birthday cake for dessert.

Which was all wonderful but OMG, TOO MUCH FOOD. I feel like I need a detox.

So we came home on Tuesday and dinner was grilled chicken breasts, baked sweet potato, fresh carrots and peas. Perfect.

Know what though? I don’t begrudge a single calorie. It was fantastic!

And while I write lots of food into my stories, I AM sensible occasionally. Like in THE GIRL MOST LIKELY, where the heroine opens a restaurant that only serves healthy food. It still made me hungry….

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