Monday, 25 August 2014

Baby or No Baby?

by Deborah Hale

How do you feel about children in romance novels and on covers?

When I wrote my first romance novel back in the early 90’s, my own four children were very young. A friend used to call writing my sanity-retention mechanism. After a day of unglamorous parenting and housework, I would escape into my Georgian era story, swanning off to the theatre or the pleasure gardens in gorgeous gowns. Needless to say, there were no children in my story.

The next one had a pregnant heroine whose infant made an appearance for the last couple of pages of the book. Book three had a brief appearance by some children. Books four and five were entirely child-free. Book five was part of a continuity series and I was assigned a story with a heroine who was the nanny of the hero’s young nephew. I think my editor realized that a mother of four and former teacher, I should be “writing what I knew.” After that children began cropping up in my stories more and more.

Now that my busy, demanding toddlers have grown into bright, independent young adults, I miss having little ones around. Six out of my last eight books had children in them and I will soon be releasing the first book of a trilogy that puts a Regency spin on Three Men and a Baby. When an infant is left on the doorstep of three notorious bachelors with a note suggesting that one of them is the father, their rakish lifestyle is turned upside down. I considered titling either the first book or the series Three Noblemen and a Baby, but research of popular Regency covers and titles suggested I should go for something different.

What do you think of my cover and new title: Scandal on His Doorstep? Do you like reading romance novels with children in the story? Would the presence of children on the cover attract you to buy the book or put you off?

~ Deborah Hale is a Golden Heart winner and RITA nominee, the author of more than thirty historical and fantasy romance novels. Her latest book is part of a multi-author series of Regency novels that color outside the box with shades of time-travel, suspense, vampires and babies. Watch for the first three books of A Most Peculiar Season to appear this fall!


  1. In all honesty I tend to steer clear of stories with babies on the it has me wondering if it's because I deal with children all day? I have to admit your story does sound intriguing and I remember watching Three Men and a Baby and enjoying it too.

  2. I really liked that movie, too, Rhoda! I wondered what it would be like to set a similar situation during the Regency. It's been fun to write so far!

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