Friday, 11 July 2014

10 Minutes ... It's Longer Than You Think

I'm becoming a little bit obsessed with timers.

If you're not familiar with the timer method for completing a task, let me give you an in-depth instructional guide:

  • You set the timer for a certain amount of time
  • You work on that task while the timer is ticking
  • You stop when the timer stops

I know, I know ... highly complex. I use the timer method for lots of things.  I clean with them.  I use them at work to keep me focused on certain projects.  And occasionally, I write with them.

I buy these cheap ones from the Dollar Store that have a magnet on them so they stick to my fridge .. and a clip so I wear them around the house.    I own at least 6 timers. I have them setup in my house and at work and their pre-set with certain times so I can just clip one on and start a task.

I told you ... I'm obsessed.

It's possible I might need some kind of intervention.   My husband thinks they're hilarious, and has asked me kindly to keep them out of the bedroom ... but, I'm unwilling to give them up.

There's something incredibly satisfying about sticking to a task for even a short amount of time.   My problem is ... I don't use them enough for writing.  I know they work ... I'm just always hesitant to push the Start button on those things for writing tasks.  I keep telling myself I'm not in the mood ... or that I have a lot of other work to do that I should get to first.   Anything to avoid pushing start.

I need a timer for my timer, I think.  Okay ... maybe I really do need an intervention.

Point is ... you can accomplish a lot of writing in even just 10 minutes. So if you're not doing something you should be doing, give a timer a try.   This blog was written in exactly 10 minutes.  It's not perfect, but it's written, right?  And I wasn't even in the mood ...

Nikki McIntosh

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  1. I use a timer on my phone when I write, especially the #1k1hr.

    But yeah #alittleobsessed

    1. Not as obsessed as I am with Joel Kinnaman ... but yeah, maybe a little too much :)

  2. Timer or no timer, you always make me smile. Thanks, Nikki.

  3. Too funny. But I would go with your husband's suggestion about leaving them out of the bedroom! :)

    1. Yeah, some things are better left untimed ...

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks ... we need a timer for when we're going to see each other next!! :)

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  6. Thanks Bev! Although it would be much better to do that in person with you once in awhile ... when's our next NSLC run??