Monday, 5 May 2014

Jewell Cove in Pictures...

By, Donna Alward

I’m not as active on Pinterest as I’d like, but I do enjoy finding and sharing pictures there, especially for story inspiration. I have a Jewell Cove board for my current series with St. Martin’s Press, and it’s a blend of repinning, my own pics, places I’ve never seen but fit my imagined setting, and real places that inspire the town of Jewell Cove.

I’ve said before that Jewell Cove is a lot like Mahone Bay and Lunenburg got together and had a baby. Think colourful buildings stacked up on streets above a vibrant harbour. 

The House on Blackberry Hill? Totally inspired by Prescott House Museum in Starr’s Point, NS.  Both the house AND the gardens:

Let’s not forget hero and heroine inspiration! When I pictured dark and handsome and rugged Tom Arseneault, this worked wonderfully (drool!):

And in an upcoming title, Christmas at Seashell Cottage, I needed pics of both Dave and Christine:

Finally, what’s pinterest for if not looking for clothes and jewels? A lot of the clothing I looked for was vintage. I actually snapped this pic on my phone a few years ago in a little shop in Mahone Bay, and it’s the inspiration behind Abby’s wedding dress:

And here’s the mysterious necklace that shows up in Treasure on Lilac Lane (coming in October):

There’s more where that came from – you can check out the entire Pinterest board if you like!

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