Sunday, 6 April 2014

Nikki McIntosh - 5 Favourite Books

by Nikki McIntosh

5) The Mouse and The Motorcycle – Beverly Cleary
Like most writers, I loved to read as a child and my favourite author was Beverly Cleary.  When it came time to pick which novel of hers I loved the most, I had to pick the mouse, for one reason and one reason only … the visual.  A mouse.  On a motorcycle.  And she totally sold it.   Beverly Cleary made me use my imagination to visualize the impossible.  I will forever be grateful.

4) The Stand – Stephen King
Wow.  That’s all I can say about Stephen King’s writing.  Wow.  He makes storytelling effortless.  I understand that there are those that see him as a horror writer, but he is so much more than that.  More than any author I’ve been exposed to, he pulls me fully and completely into the world he’s built without making me feel like I’m reading a book.  The Stand was the first time I’d read Stephen King and it’s still my favourite.  M-O-O-N spells awesome.

3) The Alchemist – Paulo Coehlo
This is the book that made me realize I’m not crazy to have this dream of writing.  This book is about realizing your passion and following its journey.  It’s simply written, and yet it’s still the book I think of most often when I find myself drifting from what I believe is my path.  The Alchemist reminds you that following your heart is not always as easy as the movies make it out to be, but there are many like-minded souls out there trying to do the same thing … so I’m not that crazy after all.

2) About A Boy – Nick Hornby
Here’s where I start talking about my idols.  Nick Hornby is definitely in that category.  I loved, loved, loved this book … for two reasons.  Reason Number 1:  His protagonist is a complete mess – a guy who has no job, no passion and no close relationships … and yet somehow he makes the reader love him.  How does he do that?    And Reason Number 2:  He makes the darkest subjects funny … and without looking like he’s even trying.  This book is about a boy who has a depressed mum who tries to commit suicide and fails.  How is that humorous???  I have no idea … but it is.  Very.  And that’s what makes Nick Hornby so great.

1) Bridget Jones Diary – Helen Fielding
This is the book that made me want to write chick lit.    I was stumbling around after watching the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice wondering why no one else was as obsessed with Colin Firth as I was. Except there was someone as obsessed as I was … Bridget Jones.   It was a perfect concoction of timely pop-culture-references, lovable heroine meets unlovable hero, and an accessible journal-type story format.  Helen Fielding helped me figure out what type of writer I wanted to be … now just to be it.

Nikki McIntosh


  1. I love your list, Nikki. I was a big Beverly Cleary fan too, but my favourites were any with Ramona or Henry in them. And one of my husband`s favourite books is also The Stand.

    1. I loved them all ... hard to choose just one .... and she was great a making a series! Before her time!

  2. Wow, Nikki.

    None of those are on my list

    1. Can't wait to see your list now ... :)

  3. Nikki, thanks for the insight into your literary tastes and your journey as a writer. I think we all have our moments of doubt and drifting, and then - POW! - we read a book that sets a firm path beneath our feet again. It's inspiring to learn what some of those books are for you.

    1. I agree Magi ... you can go a long time without reading a book that inspires you, but it's always fun when one jumps out and grabs you!!