Monday, 14 April 2014

Crocuses and Lemons

I had high hopes of getting my gardens cleaned up this week, so the long-suffering crocuses that are finally bursting forth would not have to fight their way through all the debris of winter. What with the polar vortex and record snowstorms, the poor things have had to wait long enough for the chance, almost a month later than usual. Here it is the middle of April. Most years they are flaunting all their purple, white and sunshine yellow glory long before the end of March.

But no. No gardening for a while. Life has handed me a whole lapful of lemons. I did something small and
silly that resulted in a damaged meniscus in my left knee, and I’ll be using a walker or crutches until I can actually put weight on my left leg.

Still, there’s a bright side.  I’m making some pretty sweet lemonade from those lemons. Instead of raking and clipping I’ve been getting in a lot of writing time. Butt in chair, hands on keyboard. There’s a position that doesn’t hurt at all.

This weekend our RWA chapter, Romance Writers of Atlantic Canada, is having a workshop with thewonderful Marie Force. She’s a terrific writer and a guru in the self-publishing world. If this knee thing doesn’t keep me away from that session I will be content to write all week, hobble off to Marie’s workshop, and wait patiently until I can tip-toe through the tulips, daffodils and crocuses.

While sipping lemonade.

Author Heidi Hamburg


  1. Heidi, I hope your knee heals quickly. I found crocuses blooming in my yard yesterday, and the sight of their 'purple, white and sunshine yellow glory,' as you say, really gave me a lift. Tulips are sprouting, too!

  2. Hope your knee isn't hurting too much and that it heals quickly. And it's great that you replaced gardening time with writing time!