Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Getting to Know...Magi Nams

By, Magi Nams

1)What genre(s) do you write and what attracts you to that genre?

I'm completing my first contemporary romance, which I'll publish under a pen name, and have made rough outlines for several others. All my romantic story ideas are set in places I've lived – a few of them at remote ecological field stations – so they fit right into the contemporary genre. I describe my fiction stories as 'Romance with an Outdoor Twist.'

As a non-fiction writer, I've completed a family travel adventure book set in New Zealand, which I'll indie publish in summer 2014. I've always loved to read about other places in the world and wrote this book to share my family's experiences in NZ with other travel adventure enthusiasts.

2) What's your writing strength? What do you think separates you from other authors?

I'm not sure about this one, but I really enjoy piecing words together to create evocative images. As far as separating me from other authors….hmm. Perhaps my love for the outdoors. I try to make true-to-life settings and situations come alive for readers, like a cinematographer does for movie-goers.    

3) What's your writing kryptonite?

Lack of confidence. Years ago, long before I joined RWAC, I wrote half a romance and  abandoned it because it seemed too daunting a task to finish it. However, the  day after I attended my first RWAC meeting, I started writing a completely new romance and have persevered with it (admittedly in bits and pieces). I still struggle with lack of confidence, but have been so much inspired by RWAC that I am determined to write the books I've always dreamed of writing.

4) Do you work with critique partners?

Not at this stage. I've had beta readers and found their diverse comments immensely illuminating and helpful for identifying holes in my manuscript.

5) Where are your favourite places to find inspiration for new ideas?

I'm usually inspired by places I've lived or visited, but sometimes a conflict idea or character jumps into my mind seemingly out of nowhere and is so powerful it starts my creative ball rolling.

6) What piece of advice has stuck with you most since joining RWAC?

Finish the book. Through RWAC, I have been both inspired and supported in my writing aspirations. RWACers have repeatedly shown me that having a successful career as a writer can be done. Now I'm giving it my best shot.

7) Can you tell us what you're working on now?

The contemporary romance I'm finishing features a scarred wildlife photographer as the heroine trying to regain her nerve after being mauled by a grizzly. A stranger's scorching look across the sand brings her to southwest Manitoba, where she falls in love with the rancher and his young son, only to discover they have emotional scars of their own.

I've also begun writing another travel book based on an amazing year my husband and I spent in Australia. I enjoy working in both fiction and non-fiction and find that what I've learned writing one of those genres complements the other. Both keep me steeped in the outdoors, which is where I want my writing to be.

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  1. I think combining your fiction with your love of the outdoors and travel is a wonderful way to make your stories stand out. Good luck.

  2. Thanks, Anne. A lot of people like to vicariously travel and live adventurous lives. Add romance to that and Wow! I hope. :)