Monday, 3 February 2014

Getting to Know: Kate Robbins

by Kate Robbins

Happy Monday everyone! It's my turn on the RWAC blog and I've been asked a few questions about what I do and how I do it. I found some of these questions difficult to nail down because I'm a panster with what comes out, but a planner with when it comes out. Does that make any sense? Probably not, it's Monday morning and I haven't yet had enough coffee. 

Ok so here goes with the questions. If you have any additional ones please leave it in the comments section below. *grabs coffee mug* Let's dig in shall we?

1.  What genre(s) to you write and what attracts you to that genre?

I write Scottish historical romance. I’ve always been fascinated with Scotland, right from the first romance novel I read when I was fourteen. A Gentle Feuding, by Johanna Lindsey sparked a life long love of that bonnie land. My father had been a history teacher and an avid reader, and so I’m sure there’s an influence there as well.

So between a love of Scotland, romance, and history, I write what I know. :)

2. What’s your writing strength?  What do you think separates you from other authors?

Wow, that’s a hard question because I try not to compare myself to other authors. What I like about my process is that I am uninhibited when writing my first draft. I don’t really have any idea what’s going to happen next in the story and am often surprised. I love that!

Unfortunately that means I have massive rewrites. 

3.  What’s your writing kryptonite?  What is always tough for you to tackle?

I’m always conscious of author intrusion. If I don’t watch it, those pesky ‘she thought’, ‘she felt’, ‘she heard’, or ‘she saw’ creep in.

Time is something that I always battle as well. With a day job and a family, it’s not always easy to carve time out of my day to write. Thankfully, my muse is a pushy wench.

4.  Do you work with critique partners?

Yes, I have two crit partners and they are my life line. I couldn’t do this without them.

5.  Where are your favourite places to find inspiration for new ideas?

When you keep your mind open to it, the ideas come. But I tend to find them more and more when browsing through Scottish history books. I can get lost in them for days and when I come up for air, I have ten new stories I want to tell. I wish I had more time to get them out.

6.  What piece of advice has stuck with you most since joining RWAC?

That’s a hard question to answer. I’ve gained so much useful knowledge plus life long friends at RWAC. I guess the most life altering piece of advice was to just not be afraid to put yourself out there. I’d been hanging on to my first novel for months longer than I needed to and the group really helped me get to a point where I just set it free. Boy am I ever glad I did.

7. Can you tell us what you’re working on now?

Right now I’m working on the third novel in my Highland Chiefs series, Enemy of the Highlander. I already know there are two more books in the series, but my muse has other ideas for me and in the middle of a very busy month, she has driven me to begin a Scottish contemporary romance. Sleep really is overrated isn’t it?

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  1. Great blog post. We were happy to welcome you to RWAC and sometimes jumping in has amazing results!! I was more quiet mouse lol.

    1. Tara, your turn is here!!! You can do it missus!!

  2. Contemporary? That is a surprise. Bet it was a bigger surprise for you. Along the line of being whacked across the backside with the flat of a claymore. Have fun- you're bound to when the sleep-deprivation giggles hit you.

    1. And those giggles hit me hard too, Heidi. ;-)

      Yeah, I'm not sure where this story came from, but it's just flowing out of me. Now let's hope it's fit to read. :)

  3. Congrats on all your success, Kate! Well deserved!!