Monday, 10 February 2014

Getting To Know ... Anne MacFarlane

Today we have contemporary romance writer Anne MacFarlane on our blog.

1) What genre(s) do you write and what attracts you to that genre?
I write contemporary fiction - I like the magical spells and the demons. Oh, crap that's not me, it's Paula. Can I get back to you on this one?

2) What’s your writing strength?  What do you think separates you from other authors?
My writing strength is my ability to eat chocolate, sing and write at the same time.

3) What’s your writing kryptonite?  What is always tough for you to tackle?
Tackle kryptonite? Uh Uh. Not me. I hear that stuff will kill you. Or does it turn you to stone? Either way. I'm not touching it, except maybe with a blow torch...

4) Do you work with critique partners?
Yes. I emerge bloody but undefeated from our weekly wrestling matches. (I have to keep an eye on Nikki's boots, though. Those things are lethal.)

5) Where are your favourite places to find inspiration for new ideas?
Macy's. Unfortunately we don't have Macy's in Canada. I'm looking for a made-in-Canada solution. Any suggestions for a place that stocks good inspiration? Preferably male? And shirtless?

6) What piece of advice has stuck with you most since joining RWAC?
From Deb Hale: Finish the Book. From Julianne MacLean: Treat writing like a job. Seriously. Would I make crazy stuff like that up? And I don't care what you've heard, they really are as nice as they seem.

7) Can you tell us what you’re working on now?
Yes, I'm working on losing twenty pounds ( okay, damn it, thirty pounds, jeeze put away the thumb screws) I keep losing it and it keeps finding me. If you find it, I beg of you, please don't return it!

Anne MacFarlane
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  1. Yay! My boots get a mention ... I'm really going to have to work on making sure I wear them more often ... they've been out of circulation for awhile. :)

    1. Nikki, I'm scared even with the THREAT of those boots.

  2. You can borrow those demons any time, Anne! We'll put Nikki's boots on them. To them. Something. LOL.

    1. Paula,

      Those boots in your creative hands? The mind boggles at the possibilities.

  3. Replies
    1. Your welcome, Kelly. Hope your bosses are leaving you alone today so you can gets some real work done.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Cathy,

      If I'd spent as much time writing today as I on this blog post I would be a lot further along in my WIP.

  5. Thanks, Anne. After eight straight hours of revisions, I needed a laugh. Love your sense of humour!

    1. 8 hours! Glad I could give you a break, Magi

  6. Thanks, Anne. I started laughing at the second line and never stopped!

  7. Great post, Anne. Thank you for the laugh! :)

  8. Thanks Annette,

    Happy I could make you laugh ( especially this week.)