Monday, 27 January 2014

All about me (Paula, that is)

Today’s my day to talk about myself. Prepare yourselves for unbridled honesty (and maybe more information than you really wanted to know…).

I wouldn’t make a good serial killer or spy. I can’t keep a secret. So here goes:

1.     What genre(s) do you write and what attracts you to that genre?
I write primarily fantasy romance with a little short contemporary thrown in, just to keep things from getting too dull. I love writing fantasy. I love the world building, and I especially like that my main characters can blow things up or disembowel enemies without it coming across to readers as sociopathic.

2.     What’s your writing strength?  What do you think separates you from other authors?
I don’t think I have any writing strengths. I’m a red-hot, steaming ball of suck.  Although maybe I’m a little dramatic….

3.     What’s your writing kryptonite?  What is always tough for you to tackle?
Description and detail. I work really, really hard to get enough of those in. I often turn in my manuscripts with word counts that are too short because during revisions, stuff is going to get added. I know it and my editor knows it. We’re good.

4.     Do you work with critique partners? Not for years. I have a few people whose opinions I trust, but for the most part, I prefer to work alone. I’m a slow writer and a compulsive self-editor. My editor is my first reader.

5.     Where are your favourite places to find inspiration for new ideas?
They’re all in my head. Sometimes a phrase from a song will stick with me, but chances are good I’ve misunderstood the lyrics. Sometimes I’ll say, “I want to write something just like that.” Then, when I go to write it, I start adding other things. My favourite thing to do is ask “what if” questions. “What if the world really is flat? What if the sky really is falling?”

6.     What piece of advice has stuck with you most since joining RWAC?
There are so many…. I hope they’ve all stuck with me. This is a great group. I think it’s really important to listen to readers. If you’re in a critique group, listen to your partners. They’re your first readers. You don’t have to incorporate everything they suggest, but sometimes, just the fact they’ve picked up on a section of your story is a good indication that it’s not working the way you want it to. Now that I’m published, I listen to reviews. I really don’t mind a negative review as long as it’s well thought out and constructive. I ignore anything that simply indicates the reader/reviewer didn’t care for my writing style. There’s nothing I can do about that. So I guess the piece of advice that has stuck with me the most is to listen.

7.     Can you tell us what you’re working on now?
I’ve got a number of things on the go at the moment. 2014 is going to be a busy year for me. I have a short contemporary romance I’m finishing right now (and which I’m supposed to be working on because it’s due in a few days). I just turned in a novella prequel to my Demon Outlaws books (called The Demon Lord). It will come out in April. My third Demon Outlaws book (Demon Creed) releases in May, so I’ve got revisions on that. I have a paranormal western romance (it’s a cowboys and aliens story!) releasing in November, and a series of fantasy romance novellas currently in the works that are due for edits shortly.


  1. Can we find a better photo of me?!?

  2. LOL on the photo, Paula. Nothing disappears on the internet. Ever.

    Wow. You are writing a lot this year. Good luck with that.

  3. Wow from me, too! Way to go, Paula! And you say you're a slow writer?:) Great advice about listening to others's impressions of one's work in order to improve it.

  4. Love it that you always set yourself up with a "number of things" so that if one is getting you down you can bounce to the next and kill it.

  5. No writing strengths? What??? I read Demon's Daughter and I loved the world you built ... and I loved that you didn't do it with pages and pages of description ... but I could just "see" it ... like a movie. That's definitely a writing strength!!