Wednesday, 29 January 2014

6 Questions With ... Lilly Cain

How long have you been writing?
It seems as though I have always been writing. I used to love creative writing in school, even writing papers for my two sisters who seemed to be more interested in math. I’ve been writing romance for 9 years, but you have to throw about 3 of them out during the time I was getting marriage therapy/separation/divorce. You can’t write romance or erotica when all you really want to write about is murder and mayhem. :)

Have you always written erotic romance?
No, actually I began writing paranormal romance about eight years ago, but as time went on the romances in my stories became hotter until I found myself on the edge of erotic romance. Then I said heck, why not? And jumped right in. ;) But it has always been paranormal and sci-fi that interested me because the genres’ opened up such a wealth of possibilities.

Do you ever find your characters surprising you?
Yes, occasionally. And when that happens I sit down and read everything I have written so far and see if the changes are what the characters really want or if I simply had too much coffee that day. If it turns out that the characters are demanding a plot change, well, I am an accommodating woman. ;)

How do you come up with a physical description for your characters?
It all depends. Obviously I write about features that attract me – tall men, strong hands, bright eyes, and other things. ;) But for my non-human characters there are important considerations. Since I write romance these characters have to be compatible to humans – bipedal at least, LOL. And they still have to be attractive. For Alien Revealed there had to be enough to show that the Inarrii were very different from humans. Exotic certainly, but in a sensual way. Other differences are internal, including strong psychic abilities.

So tell us a little bit about who Lilly Cain is when she's not writing.
When I am not writing, I spend my time with my family—I have two daughters.  I am a single mom, so I work hard writing and more recently, freelance editing. When playtime rolls around I like to relax by a campfire, roast marshmallows and sip vodka loaded lemonade, LOL. I have a cat; she’s evil but her nefarious deeds have slowed down to trying to sleep on my laptop and attack my toes when they are under the covers more than anything else.

What are you writing now?
I am working on a science fiction series under another name, Anne Rose, because it won’t be erotic. But as Lilly I am working on a HOT fireman novella, Slow Burn.



  1. Slow Burn--love that title! And enjoyed hearing about how you plot your books. It's always fun when characters surprise us.

  2. Ah, yes, character surprises. I'm dealing with that right now in my WIP. Good advice to follow the character through what I've written so far to determine if the surprise move is truly 'in character.'