Wednesday, 11 December 2013

What Happens at the RWAC Christmas Potluck Stays at the RWAC Christmas Potluck

For nearly a decade now, Romance Writers of Atlantic Canada has wrapped up the year with a Christmas Potluck afternoon held at the home of one of our members.

It all begins with everyone gathering together, partaking of a cheery beverage of choice and catching up with everyone (since we haven't seen each other for...a few weeks?...)

If you have a Christmas sweater, now's your chance.

Eventually we get around to eating all the delicious food everyone's brought along.

Once we're fortified, the real fun begins -- the Yankee book swap, wherein each guest brings a wrapped bookish gift, adds it to the pile of prezzies, and then numbers are drawn to see who goes first to choose and unwrap the first gift.

The second person gets the option of stealing the first unwrapped gift, or taking a wrapped gift from the pile. And so on -- as soon as a hot item is revealed, the stealing gets fast and furious amongst the mild-mannered writers.

The laughter begins as the steals go into play.

An awesome steal gets applause.

And more laughter.

The victor!

This year there were duelling hot items: 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles by Tracy Repchuk

And an autographed copy of An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth by Col. Chris Hadfield 
Phew...that was a record for stealing, I think. Until next year, may the odds be ever in your favour...

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Photo by Helen Tansey

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  1. Always have so much fun, Julia. Think we should turn our monthly meetings into potluck and games!