Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Christmas memories

by Deborah Hale

Because it’s less than a month until Christmas and I won’t have another blog post before then, I would like to share a special Christmas memory…

The first Christmas I remember, my parents and two of my younger sisters were living in the small New Brunswick village of Kouchibougauc, surrounded by lots of extended family.  That year, we were supposed to go to my great-grandmother’s house for a big family dinner but a snowstorm blocked all the rural roads and made it impossible for anyone to venture out. Instead, my little sister and I had a tea party with our spiffy new table and chairs and doll dishes.  Later we feasted on tomato soup for Christmas dinner! 

These days, I feel so blessed that two of my sisters live nearby so we can still gather, along with our families and parents, to enjoy one another’s company at Christmas time.  The meals we share may be quite a bit more elaborate than on that long ago Christmas, but I think we could be quite happy with bowls of tomato soup, as long as we were all together!
Wishing the blessings of the Season from my family to yours!
- Deborah Hale
Today, I also have an interview over at READINGNKS where I'll be talking about my current book The Duke's Marriage Mission. Drop over - love to see you there!


  1. Deb, I love the story, the sentiment and the photo! What a wonderful Christmas memory. I hope Santa tucks some tomato soup into everyone's stockings!

  2. I LOVE the angel-hair-coated tree! It's perfect. Also love the tea party photo. Tomato soup Christmas memories are about as cozy as it gets -- what a great post.

  3. Deb, your lovely photos and story teased all sorts of Christmases from my memory.
    The first year after my husband and I bought our old farmhouse, he spent Christmas day with a propane torch in his hand, thawing water pipes in the icy, wind-blasted crawl-space under the kitchen while I roasted our Christmas turkey above him. We now have a full basement under the house and no more frozen pipes!