Friday, 18 October 2013

Writing Tools and Promotion in the Big, Bad World Wide Web

 by Tara C MacDonald

Having headed the marketing committee for Romance Writers of America: Atlantic Canada Chapter and worked outside of that with other authors I have some experience to share with who is out there promotion-wise and what choices are available.

Once you write your book and have it edited what do you do with it? If you're an indie author you're on your own for marketing. You are your own marketing department. Luckily, there's an entire resource of information out there courtesy of authors like Marie Force to show you where you should be, what you should do and how to have fun with this on a budget. If you're with a small publisher you may encounter the same thing as some publishers don't have the structure set up to fully market a book. Having spoken with Entangled Publishing at RT 13 their structure is set up so that their team gets paid on how successful the book is as I understand it. If you're with a big name New York publisher then congratulations! You may still need to market your book though and if you have a backlist this will help pull them in with current marketing creating readers.

Step 1:

Time to spend before you publish your book. What genre is it? Who is the current market? Google books similar to yours and see how they're doing on Amazon rankings and with fans on Goodreads. Determine if your book is different or the same. Talk to other authors on writing loops or at Savvy Authors and discuss what they did in your genre.

Step 2:
Develop a marketing plan.

Use the marketing four Ps: Product (Service); Place, Price, Promotion. Check out this link for more details on what these mean Sometimes it really is all about your target market and getting the book in front of the reader. If you can include a blog tour with fellow authors around your launch that's great timing for marketing your book.

Step 3:

In your research you may have run across the following organizations to help with marketing. Here's a few I've used for the romance genre and had recommended to me when I helped authors with their marketing. You can't do it all so why not have the help you need to get your book going? Also, once you develop your own marketing plan you'll be able to choose which resource you want to outsource.

1. Trindiebooks
4. Goddess Fish Promotions
5. Eye on Romance

Step 4:

It's time to consider speaking in public.  Is there a library event you can go to as an author?  Contact your library.  Interested in holding a physical launch? Is there a coffee shop/restaurant/bookstore that will work with you to hold a launch that is in your budget?  Writers' Groups:  Is there a writers' group you can speak at or are already a member of for your genre? is there a Word on the Street near you that you can have a booth at to reach readers?  Are you computer literate and interested in learning more about social media - there's social media workshops in business networks all the time locally.  Join one and learn more so that you can host an online Facebook or Twitter party to reach readers with your book. 

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