Monday, 21 October 2013

Blogging: The Urge to Phone it In

Nikki McIntosh is a chick-lit writer.  Even though no one's supposed to say "chick-lit" anymore. 

Man, I don't want to do this blog post.

Phonin' it in.  Batman style.
I'll admit it, I looked through my blog posts on my personal site to see if I could just cut and paste something
in here this week.  Sadly, I'm not that prolific on my blog either, so unless you want to know what my "random act of kindness" was six months ago, or how I was doing on building a new habit back in February (update: sucking!), then it's really not a goldmine of material.

It's not that I hate blogging, but every time it's my turn to write something for our group site, I ask myself the same question:

What do I have to say about writing that's interesting?

I'm not published.  I don't feel like I've conquered any particular writing related subject well enough to offer advice about it ... so what is it I'm going to say to the world that's of particular value to anyone?

And then I remembered why I wanted to blog in the first place.   Blogging is an opportunity to sell
yourself.  It's a chance for people to hear your voice and think ... I want more of that. Where do I get it?  

Sure, it's great if you offer up some gold nuggets about writing along the way (here's one:  make sure when writing your dinosaur romance to include an innovative conflict for your T-Rex hero ... "end of the world is coming" has been done to death!)  ... but as I was thinking of how I could just phone it in this week, I realized that every time I put something out there I need to make sure it sounds like me.  I've got roughly seven paragraphs to win you over. I need to make sure they count.

"All that goin' on"
And speaking of making it count, I guess I should update my own site.  Chris Evans and Chris Pine have been on my front page forever doing nothin' but looking good (but doing it well), so I really should get back to putting something new up there.

"Why Ryan Gosling Should Do Every Movie Shirtless" just isn't going to write itself, now, is it?

What about you?  Do you ever phone in your posts?  Are you blogged-out?  Lovin' your blog and never in need of content?  Somewhere in the middle?

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  1. If it makes you feel any better, I haven't been blogging regularly and I do blog regularly - but so glad to see you here! Make me understand the Ryan Gosling thing - I feel practically unpatriotic not getting him :)

    1. You are unpatriotic!! I mean, he's no Josh Dallas I guess .. :)

  2. I'm always ready to blog at the wrong time. Brilliant ideas flash in, but by the time it's my turn the idea is burnt out. Or something happens meanwhile that makes it redundant. Or insensitive. Or I just don't like it any more.

    1. I wish I had brilliant ideas that flash .. but I have some strongly mediocre ones!!

  3. I blog in spells. Haven't posted on my site since June, but gorgeous fall colours and the energy that comes with cooler weather have me thinking about getting back to it.