Monday, 2 September 2013

Back to the Boards

by Taryn Blackthorne

There’s something about September. Maybe it’s because I’m a teacher in my dreaded day job or maybe it’s because I’ve just always been prone to think of the end of summer as an END, but I always liked the feel of gearing up to go again that comes when the school year starts.

It’s the same with my writing. All the grand plans of summer inevitably slip into the best of intentions and I wind up hating myself for not meeting goals I’ve set or feeling guilty taking time away from my family for writing work. And it is work! I love it, it’s something that has always been there for me. The fact that it requires long hours staring at a blinking cursor or with a pen hovering over the pages in my notebook for so long they get dried out waiting for the words to come has never bothered me. Stories have always been my love.

Maybe that’s why I love September so much. People regroup after being out and about, away on vacations and travelling. They’ve been to weddings or funerals, had first loves or first dates, or one-last-times and never-seen-before experiences. Getting together with friends has always been a time filled with people telling their stories.

If you like story structures, September has always been like the hero coming back from the cave and sharing his adventures with the next generation. It’s just these days, I tend to be the world-weary traveller sharing my stories rather than the young buck ready to listen to old timer stories and head off on my own adventure. I guess that’s okay. It’s the cycle of things. And let’s face it, what greater compliment could there be than inspiring another writer to go sit alone with a dried out pen or blinking computer screen and write their tales?

So settle down with your notebooks, be they electric or paper. September is here, stories are beginning to unfold. Back to the boards, my fellow world-spinners, tally ho!!!

Taryn's birth as a Pen Monkey... She hooked her fifth grade teacher with a cliff hanger ending to a chapter and was thus sentenced to her 6th grade teacher because 'she wanted the writers'. It was the first time she had a moniker that didn't involve 'fat kid' and she embraced it for all she was worth. She swore vengeance by pen, absorbed novels like others did candy bars, and waited for the day when she'd moved from writer to author.

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  1. Love September and the feeling you get of a new beginning. Great post!

  2. September = get motivated! Let's do it! Submission by December? :)

  3. The real new year. Time to kick myself in the butt and start writing again!

  4. On the spot! September has always seemed like the new year for the mind, full of crisp challenges and bounty. Many words to you.