Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Making Mischievous Happen

Nikki McIntosh is a chick lit writer, a 2012 Golden Heart finalist and a past-president of RWAC three times over. She is, like most writers, terrible at blogging ... 

New Girl is one of my favourite shows. It has all kinds of funny, great setups, tons of romantic tension, and ... Schmidt!! What's not to like!!??!!

Liz Meriwether, who writes the show for Fox, says that she often writes when she's feeling mischievous. I think my best writing happens when I'm in that kind of state, but sadly, it's a little hard to feel "mischievous" at
Zooey Deschanel and Liz Meriwether.  Probably
laughing at the fact that I'm not published ... 
5:30am when I'm trying to cram in writing before the day-job starts and I can barely put instant oatmeal together, let alone write complete sentences.

So once in awhile I need to Make the Mischievous Happen. This is easier said that done, but when I need some inspiration, I almost always turn to my hero. And he, like the good hero that he is, always reminds me why I love to write.

Current inspiration? Joel Kinnaman. Well, really it's Stephen Holder from The Killing, but since Joel Kinnaman is the actor who plays him I should give him some of the credit.

I know he looks kinda sketchy - and he does play a
meth addict on the show while permanently
outfitted in a hoodie... but still ... serious crush.
To "make mishievous happen", I collect photos of my hero (always an actor - easier to mimic them in my books I find if they're living, breathing things ... with a good set of abs, of course) and peruse the photos when the time is necessary. I've done collaging, Microsoft Movie Maker, Pinterest and have recently set up a Tumblr account (which I'm still trying to figure out how to use properly).

I'm not sure I need all of these timesucks in order to gain inspiration to write ... but unlike fashion, finding inspiration should not be relegated to the 'Less is More' category. When you need help writing, it's definitely 'More is More'.

How do you re-inspire yourself when you're stuck?


  1. I'm with you, Nikki. I always go to the hero for inspiration. :)

  2. I sleep. Really, when I don't sleep enough it's all much harder. Last night I went to bed early-ish, and four o'clock found me sitting up scribbling away on tiny squares of paper, because I knew if I waited until real morning it would all go away.

    1. Ah, I have still never learned to do that Heidi - and it's a great idea - the subconscious solves all problems!! I can't tell you how many times I had a great idea that I swore I would remember, and then forgot ...

  3. Maybe I should tell you about the 3:15 Project I took part in, a few years ago. It's actually taking place all through August. You wake up every night at about 3:15 and write poetry, in order to access the subconscious. I loved doing it, and got some really out-there poems out of it, but I've skipped doing it since that first time. Not ruling it out, however.

    To be honest, the sleepless crazed-maniac NaNoWriMo pace works the same way for me -- loads of subconscious writing during NaNo for me.

  4. Wow - that is serious commitment!! I can barely get myself up at 6:00, let alone 3 ... I'm sure I'd just hit the snooze ... I don't love my subconscious that much ... she's not that clever :)

  5. I definitely need my tv time in the evenings to inspire ideas and just chill out. I write until about 8 or 9, then I watch something compelling on TV that gets my passions fired up for the next day :)

  6. I find I'm a "binge eater" with TV ... somedays I don't watch it at all ... and then when I find a series I love I go waaaay to crazy on it! :)

  7. When I need inspiration, I go to the heroes and heroines of my favourite books and movies. They're always flawed but captivating and rise above their circumstances.

  8. Oh my gosh, Nikki! I'm crushing on him, too! If you google the actor there are some much nicer pics than of him as Holder. ;)