Monday, 5 August 2013

Home Office

by Cathryn Fox

The last time I was here I promised I’d show you some pictures from my writing cave.  Well here they are!  I hope you enjoy!


This first one is, obviously, of my desk.  I have a little picture on the wall that says, Real love stories never have endings...Hubby gave it to me for Christmas last year and I love it.  Also on my desk you will find a very cool red shoe tape dispenser given to me by the awesome Pam Callow, and a pink and blue switch pitch toy given to me by my daughter, that keeps me occupied when I’m trying to figure out a plot problem.

This is my bookshelf overflowith...and below I have lots of cabinets to store/hide all my papers, junk etc!

This is where I sit and read, and my camel watches over my shoulder.  On my little table I have an M&M dispenser.  Yeah, love M&M’s.  To the right I have an electric fireplace which I like to light in the winter just for ambiance!   And of course,  I have a doggy bed for my big lab. 

Above my birdhouse is a set of love birds facing each other.  This is a symbol of love, and should be found in every romance writer’s office! 
So that’s it, that’s where I spend a good eight hours of my day.  I hope you enjoyed the tour!

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  1. You know how much I love your writing cave, Cathryn!...*dreamy sigh*...

  2. I love your cave *two*, Cathryn!

  3. Beautiful office, Cathryn! Your colour scheme is both warm and peaceful, and all the little touches are lovely.

  4. I remember your office, Cathy and I love, love, love it.
    What a wonderful place to create and daydream in.