Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Find Your Inspiration Around You

It`s summer, and it`s harder than ever to find time and inspiration to write. I need to work on my story, a science fiction story set in a bubble city on Titan, the largest of Jupiter`s moons. Nothing around me on my trips to the camper or to the beach is helping me. The sound of the kids in the background arguing over a Minecraft game aren`t helping either.

So I need to find my muse. She isn`t hiding, although some people would blame it on that. She`s around. In fact this morning I found her in my fourteen-year-old daughter`s room, in the way she lounged on her bed, scanning her computer. My character has a computer, of sorts, and she needs time to talk to it. How would the computer of the future talk back to her? How much character would it have?

Yesterday my muse was hiding in my car. I was driving home from a family reunion and there she was, hinting at the way my hero needed to be able to get from one bubble city to another, and why. He needs to escape, wants to, at least in the beginning.

Where will she be tomorrow?  I don’t know. My writing this summer has been somewhat disjointed, but these little details are slowly pulling it together. I’m not about to give up my time with my kids. The beach just might be the perfect place to think about a military strike. Somehow. :)

With this in mind, I have a quick exercise I am going to try while I look for my sneaky muse this week. I’m going to lure her out with music. And coffee. And headphones so I don’t have to listen to my kids even while they are sitting in the same room. This week’s music is coming from the theme music from the 50 Greatest Science Fiction Movie Themes, downloaded here -

What are you going to do to find your sumertime writing muse?

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  1. I like how you find inspirational moments right in front of you, no matter what you're doing (observing your daughter on the computer, noticing the act of travelling.)

    Personally, I've been immersing myself in movies and TV series that have the same atmosphere or which hit the same emotional notes as my WIP. That always works for me.

  2. Like you, I get inspired by snippets of everyday life. Since my current and future novels are set in places I've lived, I also study my collections of photographs and read my journals from those times for inspiration.