Monday, 22 July 2013


There is a thing going around Facebook and the blogosphere this week called Sevens. The idea is that a writer selects the first full paragraph or 7 lines of dialogue from p7, p70 or p170 of your WIP and share, then tag seven other writers.

So for your reading pleasure, I hope, here's the first part of p. 7 with Lily talking to Luc in The Devil Made Me, book two in the Speak of the Devil series.

            “I’m your telephone,” I answered.

            He leaned over me, one hand on the brick wall behind me. “It’s true. You are our only communication link to Heaven. But that’s not why you’re my angel.” He brushed the hair that hung down in front of my right eye back behind my ear. “You think I saved you, but you saved me.”

Speak of the Devil is currently available on Amazon & Barnes & Noble. The Devil Made Me should be released early next year.  - by Shawna Romkey