Friday, 19 July 2013

Our books are up for bid in the Litters n Critters Online Auction

Our writers' group has donated a basket of our books, plus a $50 Chapters gift card to help raise funds for a local animal rescue group called Litters n Critters.

One of our paranormal YA authors, Shawna Romkey is featured in the video clip in the link below in her role as fund raising coordinator for the rescue group. 

There are four dogs requiring surgery from their time prior to being rescued: Whiskey who needs eye surgery, Tri-Pawd who needs one leg to be removed, and Annie and Teddy who need oral surgery.

There are lots of great books in the prize basket from Donna Alward, Pamela Callow, Cathryn Fox, Deborah Hale, Taylor Keating, Jennie Marsland, Bev Pettersen, Shawna Romkey and Julia Phillips Smith, with donations from Tara C. MacDonald and Kate Robbins.

A great time to get a bunch of summer reads and help out four grateful dogs.

To place a bid, leave the amount in the comments section of the photo. To check out the other items in the auction, CLICK HERE. There's some lovely bling for both humans and dogs, fashionable coats again for both humans and dogs, hotel stays, restaurant dinners, original art work and more.

Auction began Wednesday July 17th and wraps up on July 25th at 8:00 pm.

Photo by Helen Tansey

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