Wednesday, 24 July 2013

my turn on the bloggin’ site

           turn on the bloggin’ site...I thought ‘what can I write about?’ Then thought again. Well, there are many things. That’s the problem when you’re creative, but unfocused. But I’ll start by saying how very proud I am to be a member of RWAC and of the great accomplishments this group has achieved with the unbelievable amount of talent and sharing among the group. It was like watching a newborn, then a toddler taking steps, coming to full maturity and finally flying with inner wings. Congratulations to all of you! And a special Thanks to Tory, who traveled long, dark roads so we could call ourselves a chapter in the very beginning when there were only three. Her vision has come a long way.
            When I relocated to Virginia Beach and re-invented myself, the only thing I took with me was the ‘art of being persistent’, which my husband likes to call stubborn and the idea of someday being published. I like to think I never have to give up on the idea...and someday, someday.
            Being a long-distant member continues to inspire me, so keep up the writing life chapter members and the creativity flowing...there’s a lot more stories to be told and always room for another book on the shelf.
            I’ve currently got my BIC, butt in chair, working on THE MYSTIC COURTYARD, a medieval time-travel about a beautiful alluring librarian/witch meeting her erotic fantasy as a Knight’s Templar.

--Georgiana Harding


  1. Hi Georgie, The Mystic Courtyard sounds fabulous. Good luck with it.

  2. Georgie, my mom was remarking on the same thing about RWAC -- even as an outside observer, she can see the explosion in creativity and accomplishment that has taken place for our group members.

    I'm so glad you've kept up your membership with us, because online it doesn't feel like you're far, at all.

  3. Georgie, with your creativity and tenacity, I know you'll do amazing things, however you reinvent yourself! And you're so right - we all owe Tory a great debt for bringing RWAC to life.