Wednesday, 12 June 2013

They Say Being a Writer is Lonely…

Thank you for having me here today! They say being a writer is a lonely occupation. And sometimes it is—I spend hours on my own, working on my prose. But sometimes it isn’t. I have a group of writer friends. They understand the things my family don’t—the joys and anxiety of new covers, the deliberation over exactly what my editor meant on line twenty-seven of her two page overview of my latest submission. They also take an hour or two to meet me over coffee to plot.

When my friends are all busy, and no one can go for a coffee, I’m still not very lonely. Because my characters are still there, waiting to talk to me, waiting to show me what could happen next. I don’t always let them have their way of course, but sometimes, they have legitimate complaints.

Take my heroine, Soryen Sarina Tariim. She was seriously unimpressed that for her very last assignment as Soryen—a ranking similar to Sergeant—she was stuck protecting a lawyer, a human paper pusher. She didn’t even have an opportunity to go out with a bang, to give her life to duty and earn her clan a final tally of honor points. That just wasn’t going to happen with a lawyer.

Well, I’d already thought of that. I wasn’t going to do that to her, when she’d already lost so much. She was going to get her action, in more ways than one. Her charge, John Bennings, was actually undercover agent John Norton. He wasn’t all that happy either though. He had a job to do, protecting the ongoing Treaty negotiations from the inside, and he hadn’t pictured being saddled with a sexy goddess of a warrior as a body guard. He complained, he whined, as men do.

I said too bad and had him shot. :) But Sarina saved him. She’s just that good.

So, I am never really lonely for long. Okay, for many non-writers, when I tell them things like that, hearing that I speak with my characters can be a bit…odd. Of course they find my research into body part disposal quite alarming as well. Too bad.

I say in life, whether you are a writer, or an administrator, or a mom, you need imagination. It’s good for you. Have you stretched your imagination lately?

Lilly Cain
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  1. Hard to be lonely for long with fascinating people carousing in your head!

  2. I always think its a good sign that you've got a good characters when they're keeping you awake at night.

  3. I don't know what I'd do without other writers to talk to about these things - and you're right Lilly, it's the little things they undertand that make it great to have them around!

  4. I'd be lost without my writing peeps! My family and friends are super supportive of my writing, but only my writer friends get what the whole process is like.